Food and wine


The restaurant – bar Alkyone aims to upgrade the Cretan cuisine using strictly Cretan raw material, some of these scarce and rare, almost forgotten.

Inexperienced experimenting with innovative techniques on how to prepare the dishes impart new forms to traditional dishes while primitive Cretan recipes coexist harmoniously.

But there Cretan culinary experience without the presence of the ancient Cretan wine and spirit.

The complete presentation of the Cretan vineyard and (in many cases) the internationally award-winning wines and wineries of the island is our sake. White and red varieties, unique and special, authentic children of Cretan land waited centuries to revive them from worthy and adventurous winemakers.

So the presence of two chef and sommelier at the restaurant, guarantee the authenticity of Cretan a la carte menu that adapts to seasons and exploit the fresh local products at the right time, with the sole objective of perfect harmony and coexistence at your table